Gravely Pro-Turn® 600 60″


Meet Your New Employee Of The Month For The Foreseeable Future. When you add a Pro-Turn® 600 to your crew, it's kind of like adding another employee. It cuts faster and more efficiently, handling more work in less time. Its Operator Pod System was designed to keep you mowing comfortably sunrise to sunset, cutting back on driver fatigue. Best of all, it will impress both your clients and any potential crew members because they'll see you only use the best.
  • Suspension System: Makes you feel like you're part of the machine, giving you more control and comfort by removing bumps and jolts, even while mowing at higher speeds. That means less fatigue by the end of the day. It's also specially designed to self-adjust for less maintenance.
  • X-Factor® 3 Deck: A new deck has been completely redesigned for better grass dispersion. Its new look is constructed from seven-gauge steel to deliver years of solid performance.
  • Large Diameter Tires: On both the front and rear provide a smoother ride and more traction on varying conditions.
  • Model: 992501
  • Deck Size: 60"
  • Engine Manufacturer: Kawasaki® FX1000
  • Engine Rating: 35 HP / 999 CC
  • Drive System: Parker® HTG
  • Fuel System: 12.7 gal (47.9 L)
  • Ground Speed: 15 / 6 mph (24.1 / 9.6 km/h)
  • Powered 3-Bin Bagger: Save time, energy and money by keeping your lawn free of grass clippings, leaving it well manicured time after time. Select mounting kit required (792212 - 52") (792213 - 60") (792214 - 72") Part: 89205300 - 12 Bushel
  • Dump From Seat Bagger: With a simple pull of the handle, you can unload your collected clippings without leaving your seat, saving you precious time and energy. Select mounting kit required (792212 - 52") (792213 - 60") (792214 - 72") Part: 89205400 - 14.5 Bushel
  • Mulching Kit: This specialized, non-discharging baffle and blade kit recuts grass clippings into a fine mulch, eliminating cleanup time and returning rich nutrients back to your soil for a naturally lush lawn. 52" Part: 79220200 60" Part: 79220300 72" Part: 79220400
  • Hitch Kit: Turn your mower into a multitasking machine. With a towing capacity of 500 pounds, this easy-to-install, heavy-duty steel hitch pulls trailers, spreaders, rollers, dethatchers and more. Part: 79215800
  • LED Headlight Kit: Mow longer, later, and safer with a headlight kit from Gravely. These blazing LEDs illuminate your cutting path in low-light conditions as dusk approaches. Part: 79220900
  • Operator Controlled Baffle: Take control of your grass clippings with the perfect marriage of precision and convenience. This easy-to-use kit keeps those landscaped areas looking pristine, saving you time and money. Part: 79221600
  • Lawn Striping Kit: That crisp, crosshatched look isn't just for baseball diamonds. Gravely's striping kit allows you to give your lawn that professional, well manicured look you've always wanted. Part: 79221800
  • Rear Tweels: Upgrade your Gravely mower with a commercial tweel kit. These airless run flat tires help to minimize your downtime, and cushion your ride by dampening the effect of uneven terrain. Part: 79220500
  • Maintenance Kit: Tune up your Gravely zero-turn, allowing it to consistently perform at industry leading levels by completing routine maintenance using these factory authorized OEM parts. 70721600 - Services FX921V, FX1000V, FX1000 EFI 70721900 - Services FX691, FX730V, FX850V
Engine Manufacturer Kawasaki®
Horse Power 35 HP
Engine Type FX1000
Displacement 999cc
Transmission Parker® HTG
Fuel Capacity 12.7 gal. (47.9 L)
Deck Size 60 in.


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Pro-Turn® 600 60" 992501