Gravely Pro-Turn® EV 52″


It Has Quietly Silenced Any Doubt. Welcome to superior battery technology from FusionCore. The EV's four swappable batteries deliver the all-day, reliable high-performance power you need in a commercial mower. No pullies, belts, engine oil changes, or driving vibrations. They've been replaced with the quiet hum of success. Powered by FusionCore - the industry's first swappable lithium-ion battery system.
  • FusionCore QuikSwap Batteries: FusionCore QuikSwap batteries are designed with flexibility in mind, ensuring you and your crew have the ability to continue cutting all day and beyond. Once again, Gravely is driving innovation and taking full charge of the new electric frontier.
  • X3 Constant Drive Spindles: Our proprietary spindles are designed to prevent motor damage by absorbing blade impact, protecting the machine from those unavoidable, accidental run-ins with ordinary obstacles. Spindles are easily serviceable, allowing you to rebuild and not replace.
  • Next-Gen Wheel Drives: Commercial durability and comfort reign supreme. Transaxles are driven with a brushless electric drive motor coupled with a planetary gearbox that increases torque. Your ride will feel the same as a gas-powered machine…minus the vibration, noise and exhaust.
  • Model: 997012
  • Deck Size: 52"
  • Discharge: Side
  • Deck Type: 7 ga Fabricated X-Factor® 3
  • Power: No Batteries Included
  • Ground Speed: 11 / 5.5 mph(6.8 / 3.4 km / h)
  • Acres/HR: 5.7
  • FusionCore Portable Charger: Tackle overtime anytime with the FusionCore Offboard Portable Charger for your Gravely Pro-Turn EV. Now charge your extra batteries off-vehicle ensuring you've got the power to perform wherever the job takes you. Part: 89700200
  • FusionCore Replacement Battery: Turn downtime into overtime with Gravely FusionCore, QuikSwap replacement batteries. These lithium-ion 4 kWh workhorses put the Gravely Pro-Turn EV in a class by itself with the industry's only swappable battery system. Part: 89700100
  • Fast Charging Kit: Time equals money, so make the most of it. This fast-charging kit from Gravely cuts your recharge time in half for a swift return to the job. Part: 79701200
  • Pro-Turn EV SD Mulch Kit: Engineered to the unique standards of the Gravely Pro-Turn EV, this mulch kit is made specifically for the Pro-Turn EV deck, giving you an unmatched quality of cut. Part: 79700200 60" Part: 79701900 52" Part: 79701800 48"
  • Pro-Turn EV LED Headlight Kit: Supersize your workday with the Pro-Turn EV LED headlight kit. Add to your billable hours by mowing longer, later, and safer. Part: 79700400
  • Pro-Turn EV Caster Suspension Forks: Smooth the ride on bumpy terrain with Gravely OEM suspension forks. They're specially designed to deliver more comfort and control when your mower is on the job. Part: 79702800
  • Lawn Striping Kit: That crisp, crosshatched look isn't just for baseball diamonds. Gravely's striping kit allows you to give your lawn that professional, well manicured look you've always wanted. Part: 79221800
  • Beacon Light Kit: Ideal for municipal jobs and high traffic areas, the increased visibility of the ROPS mounted Beacon Light Kit puts safety out front on your Pro-Turn EV. Part: 79700500
Deck Size 52 in.
Discharge Type Side


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Pro-Turn® EV 52" 997012