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Haul in the toughest conditions

You could call our tracked carriers the champion of the jobsite. They float like a butterfly yet pack a heavy-weight punch when it comes to hauling capacity. When the jobsite features mud, deep snow, soft ground, steep slopes or is simply too cramped for a traditional dump truck, nothing gets the job done quicker and with less impact than a Yanmar tracked carrier. The C50R-5 touts impressive power and payload with unmatched navigational and dumping versatility thanks to the added safety of 180-degree rotation of the seat and controls, and available 180-degree dumping capabilities. Weight 12,633 lbs.
Horsepower 111.5 HP
Max Payload 8,379 lbs.

Dump where you want, not where you can

Beyond the nearly unstoppable rubber track system that can take you nearly anywhere on the jobsite, the versatility of our dump box adds even more control. A 65-degree dump angle and 26-inch extended dumping platform, and available 180-degree swivel dump platform, you’ll always discharge the load exactly where it needs to go.

Operating Weight

Net, unloaded – Box Shape12,633 lbs
Net, unloaded – V Shape13,360 lbs

Transmission TypeVariable Speed 2 Pump, 2 Motor Hydrostatic (HST)


Track TypeSteel-Reinforced Rubber Track
Track Width1’6″
Min. Ground Clearance1’5″
Ground Contact Pressure – Bow Shape w/o load3.4 PSI
Ground Contact Pressure – Bow Shape w/ load5.7 PSI
Ground Contact Pressure – V Shape w/o Load3.6 PSI
Ground Contact Pressure – V Shape w/Load5.7 PSI


Max. Payload – Bow Shape8,379 lbs
Max. Payload – V Shape7,718 lbs
Max. Dumping Angle – Bow Shape65°
Max. Dumping Angle – V Shape65°
Dump Clearance – Bow Shape2’2″
Dump Clearance – V Shape2’11”
Dump Body Capacity Struck – Bow Shape1.8 yd³
Dump Body Capacity Struck – V Shape1.6 yd³
Max. Travel Speed – Bow Shape5.9 mph
Max. Travel Speed – V Shape5.9 mph


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Tracked Carrier C50R-5